IMGP1239.JPGTown of Ettrick     

PO Box 52, Ettrick, WI 54627

Telephone: (608) 525-4991


John "Peach" Vehrenkamp: Chairman

Supervisors: Wayne Lien and John Woyicki

Kara J. Onsrud Clerk-Treasurer

Here are the results of the Spring election for the Town of Ettrick Board.

Town Chairperson: John Vehrenkamp with 220 votes

Town Supervisor: John Woyicki with 151 votes

Town Supervisor: Wayne Lien with 161 votes


Nancy Horton had 95 votes for Town Supervisor



  Change of Meeting day and Time

Starting in February 2015 the Town Board will hold its regular meetings on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 5:30 PM.



                                                                                              5 February, 2014



Subject: Town of Ettrick Policy Regarding Private Road Work


It is the Town of Ettrick policy not to compete with private companies. Road work on private driveways such as plowing snow, sanding, adding or grading crushed rock or installing culverts will not be accomplished by Town employees or with Town equipment unless there is an emergency or there is prior approval by the Town Board.


An exception can be made if it is in the interest of the Town such as clearing snow in an area at the end of a dead end road to facilitate turning around.



John Vehrenkamp

Town Chairman

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